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Be Resilient AF

Life is well known for throwing crazy experiences at people. We all go through different struggles, and we all handle them differently. That being said, handling situations differently doesn't mean someone is weak compared to someone else. I know there are times where, to others, I "overacted". Which to that, I say is a hunk of bullshit. I look at resilience as being a huge key to achieving your dreams. When it comes to the shit life throws at us, we can either take that and look at the lesson behind it, or we let it define us and not grow from the situation. I am by no means saying to just become numb and let it go. Being numb to the feeling of pain just creates more complex emotional difficulties. The important thing to remember is that resilience doesn’t happen overnight. We always continue to build our resilience through the resistance we face in life. If we aren't facing resistance and struggles in life, we aren't working towards bigger goals to reach our highest potential.

The truth is: in striving for change, you will face resistance. You will face struggles anytime you wanna grow and are working towards a bigger picture. This is like life's way of preparing us for that vision we have. We need to be sure, no matter what happens, we don’t let the struggles interrupt the vision. Learning to adapt well and keep pushing forward. Bottom line if we don't adapt to the changes life throws at us when we are working towards a bigger picture. Those difficult times are just going to eat at us, and we aren't going to make the growth to where we need to be to achieve those bigger goals in life.

Without resilience, life will kick your butt and knock you down. The reality is, if you are not facing resilience you must not be truly working towards a bigger goal in life. Life isn’t going to go as planned in any way. Especially when it comes to starting a business, nothing is going to go as you “planned”. That’s always the beauty of growing through the struggles in life because it is preparing you for the bigger picture of what you are focusing on. Going through resistance in life will build the resilience to be able to bounce back and get up and keep kicking ass. To reach those long term goals in life, persistence and passion must meet to keep growing through the struggles.

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