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Strut Your Shit

Imma just start this out with saying: Strut Your Shit Mfs! If you know me through social media, or in person, that is right on brand for me. Why do I say it though? Because, I think I'm better than everyone and my shit don't stink? Honestly, depends on who you ask. I will fully admit at times I come off as acting "too good". The honest to god truth is, I'M GLAD I DO. If I ever come off that way, I 100% mean too. Now before you go off and call me every name under the sun.. I already know, and here's why I do it and why I'm so proud of myself to be able to do it.

I come from a very negative mindset in my past, I had zero self esteem, no true confidence, absolutely no self love or self-worth. I knew I didn't want to live like that, so I manifested a certain level of true confidence. I had no idea how to achieve it though. For starters, I had to remove all the toxicity in my life and truly work on myself. I had to constantly feed my ego to the point where I was able to truly believe it for myself. I'll never forget, one of my good friends when I first left my husband told me to "Strut My Shit". When I say I did... I DID. All around small town Clearfield PA, walking into places like I own them, acted like I was "Too Good". It was the best thing I could have done. I tricked myself into being able to believe in myself and truly find that confidence. I was able to truly find that confidence whether I was wearing lingerie to a dive bar, or sweatpants with no makeup out to the bar. Feeding my ego to that extreme attracted those who actually believed in me into my life.

I never expected successful business owners to turn to me and tell me they believe in me. IT WAS A COMPLETE SHOCK because I didn't believe in myself. A few months prior to hearing that, I had all intentions of just giving up on everything, because I was in such a toxic relationship and I had no belief in myself so what's the point? The point was to experience that inner low just to become a whole new person on the flip side. I still struggle at times with true confidence because let's face it, being externally confident is one thing, having that true inner confidence is EVERYTHING. Coming from a boutique owner, I can't tell you how many of my amazing ladies struggle with feeling confident. As I always say, we are our hardest critics. We focus on our "flaws" when no one else notices them. What we view as a "flaw" is what makes us US. So Hell Yea, strut your shit, embrace the imperfections, and don't forget to walk in every building like you own the place!

Dime + 99 = 109... don't forget you're 109 BABY!

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