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Positive Thoughts Attract Positive Things

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

They say positive thoughts attract positive things. What if you aren't a positive person though? Does that mean you only deserve to attract negative things? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is being written by someone who never thought they would be able to think positively. Selfishly, I use to laugh at those who were positive. My mindset was well wait till life shows them differently and they realize there is no reason to be positive. I let years of trauma and negative thoughts completely control all aspects of my life.

So how do you break the negative cycle? I honestly wish I had a straightforward answer of how to just magically think positive and everything will be better. For starters, you have to want to change your mindset and it's not always easy. The want and determination are the first steps to changing your mindset. Having a self-destructive personality that constantly fights against positivity won't be easy to control all the time. Some days will be easier than others and remember to forgive yourself for those days that it's not easy. One may even be addicted to negative thoughts. Which sounds so weird but it's true. I know from personal experience I am. For as long as I could remember I always thought negatively. It's like other forms of addiction, your body becomes used to it and it'll be a difficult cycle to break. Negative thoughts release hormones into your body which can have a negative impact mentally and physically. Being aware of it is the first step. Negative thoughts attract negative things, imagine always saying "I'm broke" you will always stay broke because that's what you are telling yourself. Changing the wording in how you speak to yourself can drastically help build a positive mindset. Knowing what you want in life and not letting failure be an option will give you momentum to achieve those goals. Remember to also surround yourself with positivity. Being surrounded with toxicity will mentally destroy you as a person. It may seem like little actions but the consistency of little actions will have a huge impact on your life. Like anything worth it, it takes time, determination, and consistency. As always know you are worthy and deserve all things good.

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