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Put Yourself Out There & Stop giving a F****

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Hands down the best life advice I have been given was "to just put myself out there". No matter what that looks like for you, just do it. I, for one, am a very naturally loud and obnoxious person and I wouldn’t change that for anything. It was who I was meant to be, so why should I fit into the ”norm” of society? The minute you yourself out there, you will attract those that are similar to you. Others around you will see the unique characteristics that make you, YOU.

Remember in school, when other kids would look down on someone because they were “different“? My question is: why wouldn’t you wanna be “different“? "Why the fuck would you wanna blend in?" is the real question. The most memorable people were the outcast. The ones who didn’t give a fuck and were so free with themselves. They had no fear of being able to truly express who they are.

Let’s look at it this way, what’s the worst that’s going to happen? Someone isn’t going like you. GREAT… not everyone is going to like you anyways. When looking at it that way, would you rather be not liked for living an authentic life or not liked for being fake and trying to “blend in“. I think the answer is pretty simple, but it also comes down to who you want to surround yourself with. Do you wanna be surrounded by the reals one or do you wanna be surrounded by those that are so fake they can’t even begin to find who they truly are? I mean that in the most blunt way possible.

I remember growing up, I used to always question who I was meant to be. This was especially through my years of competing in pageants, then on the weekends partying and going out doing drugs. I was so torn, because was I meant to be the girl who was on stage putting on a fake personality just so maybe the judges would like me, or was I meant to be that party girl? I would preach one thing on stage, just to be living a completely different life off stage. Turns out none of those were meant for me, because I was just forming to what was around me. What I surrounded myself with was what I turned into. I remember being so scared to truly express who I was for so many years, because ”no one would like me“. I can honestly say the most freeing thing I have ever done, was stop giving a fuck. I mean truly not give a fuck.

Start a business ? Great, perfect, put it out there. Don’t be ashamed to authentically brand it. I know I made that mistake when I first started, I was so scared to be myself because I didn’t view myself as a “typical boutique owner“. Screw all that negative and be sure to shout it from the roof till everyone knows.

Get married multiple times before the age of 30? Eh.. it happens.. I would know haha. At least you learned some great lessons through those experiences. I think you should even go public with all the lessons it taught you.

Start an Only Fans? Don’t forget to promote that with no shame!

When you are able to find that freeing moment of not being ashamed, and are so damn empowered within yourself that you can express yourself freely, I know for a fact your whole life will change. When you can just put yourself out there, and laugh about the dumb shit you did, as oppose to being so hard on yourself to put on this fake image, you will know yourself in the truest form.

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Oct 12, 2022

Life is way too short to give af about what others think of you. We all have to leave this earth so why try to be the same as people who hate you for being you?

I love this and i love you. Thank you for sharing and being so open.

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