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Mental Illness Doesn't Define You

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The hardest thing about mental illness is the fact it's invisible. Others can't always physically see it which makes the fight feel so lonely... But you aren't alone at all. At a young age, I came to encounter the struggles of mental illnesses. First started with experiencing Anxiety so bad to the point of blacking out in 5th Grade. This led to my first trip to a Mental Health Hospital. Throughout the years I've struggled with Severe Anxiety and Chronic Depression. I always told myself I wasn't worth anything and would never amount to anything in life. I made the huge mistake of letting those mental illnesses define who I thought I was.

I'm here to say that is the biggest lie anyone can ever tell themselves. It can completely destroy you to the point of not recovering. If anything accepting those mental illnesses and being able to live life to the fullest while battling demons is the most empowering thing anyone can do.

We live in a society where mental illnesses are becoming more acceptable. It still doesn't make it easy for those struggling to accept that though. We also live in a society where medication is offered to help and for some.. it works great. However, it doesn't for all. When I tried medicine I was a complete emotionless zombie. Didn't care about anything in life which led to so many dumb decisions at a young age.

I didn't handle my mental illnesses well at all, I would lash out trying to express how I was feeling on the inside. I would throw a huge hissy fit like a toddler because that was the only way I knew how to cope. There are so many healthy ways to cope however the unhealthy coping skills always seem to be what is easiest. I can promise you it is not and finding what works for you will be a life-changer. It doesn't come easy or as quick as we would like. Nothing easy is worth fighting for. It's unbelievably hard but completely possible to overcome those challenges.

Mental illness does not define you as a person, being able to concur will make you unbelievably strong. Being able to accept it and beat yourself up over it but yet working to figure out what works for you to cope with it and finding the true form of happiness in life by being your authentic self is a feeling that no one can describe. We live in a judgmental world but the only person's opinion of you that matters is your own. Live for yourself, forget what any says or thinks about you because this is YOUR story and YOU are the MAIN CHARACTER.

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