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We All Have Toxic Traits

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Think you don't have any toxic traits? Hate to say this but we all have some of some sort. This could be something we do as a response from childhood upbringings, previous relationships, or a response to a mental illness one may suffer from. We all have them, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. That may sound strange saying there is nothing wrong with having toxic traits? Let me start by saying no one is perfect, we all have characteristics that we can work and improve on. Self-growth and awareness are truly so amazing and a huge celebration to be proud of. Growing is being able to recognize toxic traits and figure out the best way to control those. It doesn't happen overnight, and there may be times of only realizing it after it had occurred in a situation. Over time of being self-aware, personal growth will occur. Figuring out what may have triggered those responses and recognizing them for the future. A toxic response could be something physical or emotional. One can be toxic towards themselves or another person. However, a huge part of self-awareness is forgiving yourself for those times you may not have caught it right away. That's when looking back and reflecting on the situation is key. Don't ever expect to be perfect but always work to be better than before. It's about being a better version of yourself.

We all have toxic traits, it only becomes a problem if we think we don't think we have any. When we pretend like we have no flaws and nothing could be improved, it becomes a serious issue for ourselves and others in our lives. Relationships with friends and family may even suffer from this way of thinking. Recognizing the toxic traits it gives us and others in our lives the knowledge we know we aren't perfect, and we will always be learning and growing. It opens a sense of healthy vulnerability in our lives for self-growth. Thinking we are perfect and have no flaws quickly turns to narcissism. Remember, It's never too early or late to work on ourselves. It's something that should be continuous effort throughout life. You aren't just going to wake up one day and be perfect. You have to always put in the work to be a better version of yourself. To some focusing on yourself may seem like a selfish act, but in reality, it is the least selfish thing one can do. Fighting our inner demons is beyond hard but it makes a world of a difference by the way we act, love, and treat others.

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